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About project

Hi, my name is Rea and I am a founder of Walk About Love.

My endless love to nature and landscapes started since I was a child while living in the sand dunes of Ashdod and Park Nitzanim.

Since I was young I had the love and the ability to collect around me people and to go together on a different experiences in nature: traveling, parties and then journeys. Even when I was a soldier at the army the main thing we practice was navigation in the field and living in nature

Since then I traveled a lot around the world: from East India to Australia, South America and Europe. In 2011 I met a girl named Olga – she worked with me on the journeys and then the story became more interesting. Today she is my wife, mother of our children Ivri and Keshet and my right hand at all the Walk About Love matters. We live at the Golan Heights and still love to travel around Israel National Trail.

Skills and Expertise:

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Дата публикции: 13 August 2019