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About project

PixToon is a progressive Animation and VFX Studio that provides full-cycle qualitative services regarding 2D & 3D Animation.

Story began 16 years ago, with a strong desire to bring some magic into the world.

Now PixToon Studio is a place where imagination turns to life and our beloved clients achieve their real goals: sell, persuade, create brand image, entertain, educate and impress.

We live and breathe with the characters before we give life to them. Animated characters work excitingly well to give the happy and personal feeling that grabs customers’ attention and creates a relationship with your brand.

All this becomes possible due to careful study and strong understanding of our customer’s needs, as well as our team’s rich background and personal, creative approach to work.

Why get a Video? Buzz on Pixtoon.com from PixToon on Vimeo.

Skills and Expertise:

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