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About project

As a founding partner of IT House, Gunars is the point-of-contact between clients and the technical team. He believes open, honest, and regular communication with clients is the key to a successful project. With nearly a decade and a half of experience in software and website development, Gunars has the chops to code with the best. Currently, he focuses on effective team management.

Gunars is a lifelong learner, spending his free time reading, participating in lectures and workshops, and honing his craft. Apart from IT House, he’s also active in the Baltic Rim and Nordic startup scene as the co-founder of TechHub Riga, the first TechHub expansion outside of London. There Gunars fosters the burgeoning tech community in Latvia, organizing hack-a-thons and Ruby on Rails meetups.

Valdis is a co-founder and technical director of IT House since day 1, Valdis is a leading expert in XHTML, CSS, Javascript, and Ruby on Rails. Even with over a decade of experience in advanced programming, Valdis continues to improve and hone his craft every day. Currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Computer Science, Valdis leads cutting-edge research on requirement analysis. In his spare time, Valdis lectures on web development at universities sings in a choir, and enjoys jazz music.


Skills and Expertise:

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