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About project

The Advanced Group company, or rather, a group of people. We are developing a consulting business with three complementary divisions-Analytix, Adwise and Augmento-which have one important goal-to help the business become easier, faster and, most importantly, better.

It’s in our DNA, and that’s where it all started – with IT solutions. We meticulously select recognized and up-and-coming platforms from around the world that are designed to simplify work, speed up business processes, and ultimately improve data planning and management processes. So that the business is focused on explaining its successful decisions, and not the reasons for its failures.

Anaplan allows you to structure and combine data and information wherever they are located – in large Excel © and Access © documents or in corporate systems. You can integrate all your existing directories, processes, and people into a single business-wide planning platform.

Anaplan helps customers simplify their existing business processes, work faster, and reduce costs. Customers see a significant improvement in business targets, which as a result is reflected in the growth of the entire business.


Skills and Expertise:

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Дата публикции: 4 June 2019