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About project

Our senior team members have been in the cocoa business for over 15 years, offering our clients great expertise, knowledge, and advice. Our younger team members are innovators and creative minds, always searching for new ideas and helping our clients find their inspiration. No matter the age, cocoa keeps us young, energized, and passionate about our work.

Our incredible team of specialists travels worldwide searching for the most extraordinary and exclusive cocoa beans. We are talking about carefully choosing the partners and selecting the best regions, the connections we thrive on making with farmers, and the search for micro batches and premium lots.

Moreover, we have people on our team that control the fermentation process throughout all stages to fully reveal the taste and aromatic potential of cocoa beans to achieve the same level of fermentation in the batch. Comagro is a welcoming and friendly family company that tries to build long-lasting and strong relations with our clients and partners.

Skills and Expertise:

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