1 General information

- Contact information for communication (note if there're Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram)
one day up to month
and more

2 Information about the company

- What are the key differences from your rivals, which should be definitely highligted?

3 The target audienece

- Shall we define the target audience on our own?

4 Technical task

- Do you have a design ot the site

Choose the CMS from the list

- Functionalities of the site (choose the appropriate option).
- Do you have a ready-made content to fill the site? (photos, text etc,)

5 Layout and design

If you use a ready-made design or a template solution, you can skip this block

- Mood and asociations, which must be caused by the design
- Color gamut and saturation

6 Communication

- Who on your part decides on the interim results of work?
- Choose the correct statement
- I prefer to discuss tasks via